Real farmer – Milk TV – Pega

REAL FARMER is as DIY garage punk as a band can get. A no-nonsense attitude while giving it all on stage. Dreaming big, but not setting expectations for the future. We caught up with Jeroen, who sings and writes the lyrics, and talked about homesickness, his hometown Groningen and drinking during shows.
MILK TV: The power trio feeds on playground nostalgia, cheep TV programs and a good dose of post-Reagan cynicism to bring some jerky and raucous pieces of rock music that feel like Devo, Wire, Sonic Youth & Deerhoof ain›t standing too far in the rear mirror. And you›re driving your old cousin›s shitty Honda Civic, but you wish it were a DeLorean flying under the milky-way.
PEGA: Humble projet de grenier, de sous-sol, puis de chambre, PEGA d’abord c’était 6 femmes des dimanches en mode liberté mumusicale. Puis 5, 4, puis 3 finalement : Aude (basse, voix), Bárbara (guitare, voix) et Leslie (batterie). Dino-post-punk (démarche lourde et cadencée), noise-rock tout droit sorti d’un calme ficus d’appartement, du rock’n roll de prestige garanti !


03 déc. 2021


20:00 - 20:00

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Water Moulin
207, boulevard Eisenhower 7500 Tournai


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